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I'm a musician and sound designer who strives to tell stories through sounds. My music spans a wide range of styles, giving me ample room to experiment, mixing and matching processes to create a sound that is fresh and unique while paying homage to my various influences.

I have a background in jazz, but being a Brazilian musician carries a cultural significance and heritage that is indissociable from my work. A fascination for process-based artwork has made me tie the experiments of Stockhausen with Mutantes and hip-hop, bringing tape, sampling and manipulations of physical media as an instrument of it own. Classical music from the beginning of the 20th century makes me explore orchestration and abstract harmonies.

I'm a multi-instrumentalist that is always looking for my next sound-making tool. I have a collection of guitars, flutes, percussions, keyboards, a trumpet, an euphonium, a viola, stompboxes, tape decks, and all of them working together with virtual instruments and in-the-box processing create my distinct sound and aesthetic.

I have jazz record released in partnership with my good friend Tyler Burchfield called Metonímia. And I have a self-produced EP titled MMXX with some weird sounds that came to me from the real-life stories of political and social turmoil. I also produce other people's music: songwriters and musicians who want my vision (or I guess my hearing) in their project.

I'm currently a producer at Capitão Foca, a full-service audio post-production studio. Here I compose original music, I do SFX and foley as well as mixing and mastering to tell the stories our clients want to tell.

I've worked for a long list of clients, including brands like Spotify, Red Bull, Dell and Bridgestone, artists such as Iza, Major Lazer, and Baiana System, and even playwrights like Christiane Jatahy.

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