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I love stories. I love reading them, watching them and I've always found that I can easily tell them with sound. It's a sort of vivid imagination that whenever I think of a story I want to tell or I catch on to a story someone is telling music and sound start playing around it in my head.
I've made bringing these sounds to life my career!

what kind of work have I done, you ask?

wondering if I do any other type of work?

I also have a jazz record released in partnership with my good friend Tyler Burchfield called Metonímia. I have a self-produced EP with some weird sounds that came to me from the real-life stories of political and social turmoil, and I produce other peoples music, songwriters and musicians who want my vision (or I guess my hearing) in their project.

wait, what kind of clients?

it's kind of a long list, but it includes brands like Spotify, Red Bull, Dell and Bridgestone, artists such as Iza and Baiana System, and even playwrights like Christiane Jatahy.


oh, you want to check out my work?

here are 3 highlights in which I performed different functions for quick access, but if you navigate to the pages on Moving Image and Standalone Music you'll get a more complete view of the work I have done so far

original music and SFX in advertisement

Bridgestone sponsors Copa Libertadores da América, the Latin-American soccer tournament and soccer is a pretty big deal around here, so as a composer I wanted to capture the Latin-American percussion flare alongside the energy of such a large event.

original music and SFX in film

the COVID-19 crisis raised some serious philosophical questions everywhere. This documentary comprised of interviews and found footage tries to discuss these questions and pick apart the apparent dystopia we are living in through pop culture and sci-fi.

mixing stereo and 5.1 for branded content

Brazil has a lively LGBTQ+ community and although a conservative wave has caused a push back on acceptance, places like Batekoo are alive and are regarded as some of the most democratic and welcoming spaces for anybody. Red Bull showcases, celebrates and tells the stories of the party promoters and party goers.

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