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MMXX (2020)

I released my first record, Metonímia (right below), in partnership with saxophonist Tyler Burchfield exploring the intersection of Brazilian music, jazz, modern classical music and funk. After a few years further developing my skills as a producer as well as venturing into unknown styles of composition, I changed gears and produced an EP that mirrors the perilous political and social times of this period through beat-heavy distorted and degraded experimental tunes. Though still drawing from jazz and Brazilian music, those aesthetics get diluted in a dense cloud of dark and deliberately over-processed sounds. The record's unfinished aesthetics are a stand-in for the unfinished constructions (both literal and figurative) of crisis-ridden Brazil. It's a short but intense ride!


The Burchfield-Vituri Project is a collaboration with saxophonist, arranger composer Tyler Burchfield. The project includes jazz quartet, duo and chamber music. The influences range from modern and free jazz, brazilian music, modern classical as well as funk and rock. With the record Metonínimia, the project solidifies the works long in the making and showcases the musical concept. We toured in Brazil in the beginning of 2015 joined by New York City-based drummer Peter Manheim and Brazilian bassist Rodrigo Marques. 

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